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NJ Legislature Votes on A5820 / S3866, Legalizes Murphy's EO Powers beyond health emergency


After tabling bill A-4147 that would limit Governor Murphy's executive order powers, NJ legislature chooses to go against their primary goal of representing the people AGAIN!

With a Democrat majority, Trenton legislators voted on June 3, 2021 to solidify some of Gov. Murphy's critical and most limiting executive orders into law, while determining that the health emergency is over.

In plain English, they said "We accept that there is no emergency but the governor can overreach into your lives at will as if there were an emergency."

In an effort to hide the voting from the public eye, Democratic majority also managed to change the bill number from A-5777 to A-5820 at the last minute so that the people of NJ would not notice that the vote was taking place.

Welcome to New Jersey, where corruption knows no bounds!

I sincerely thank every legislator who voted NO on this bill.

The passage of bill A-5820 effectively turns NJ into a one-man kingdom with no checks or balances, where the legislature made themselves obsolete by refusing to represent the people, leaving the executive branch to legislate at will and corruptly beyond its authority, in pure violation of NJ state constitution.

Legislator's voting record on the bill:


  • Rep. Armato, John [D] YES

  • Rep. Auth, Robert [R] NO

  • Rep. Benson, Daniel R. [D] YES

  • Rep. Bergen, Brian [R] NO

  • Rep. Bramnick, Jon M. [R] NO

  • Rep. Burzichelli, John J. [D] YES

  • Rep. Calabrese, Clinton [D] YES

  • Rep. Caputo, Ralph R. [D] YES

  • Rep. Carter, Linda S. [D] YES

  • Rep. Catalano, John [R] NO

  • Rep. Chaparro, Annette [D] YES

  • Rep. Chiaravalloti, Nicholas A. [D] YES

  • Rep. Clifton, Robert D. [R] NO

  • Rep. Conaway Jr., Herbert "Herb" C. [D] YES

  • Rep. Coughlin, Craig J. [D] YES

  • Rep. Dancer, Ronald S. [R] NO

  • Rep. Danielsen, Joe [D] YES

  • Rep. DeAngelo, Wayne P. [D] YES

  • Rep. DeCroce, BettyLou [R] NO

  • Rep. DeFuccio, DeAnne C. [R] NO

  • Rep. DePhillips, Christopher P. [R] NO

  • Rep. DiMaio, John [R] NO

  • Rep. DiMaso, Serena [R] NO

  • Rep. Downey, Joann [D] YES

  • Rep. Dunn, Aura K. [R] NO

  • Rep. Egan, Joseph V. [D] YES

  • Rep. Freiman, Roy [D] YES

  • Rep. Giblin, Thomas "Tom" P. [D] YES

  • Rep. Gove, DiAnne C. [R] NO

  • Rep. Greenwald, Louis D. [D] YES

  • Rep. Holley, Jamel C. [D] NO

  • Rep. Houghtaling, Eric [D] YES

  • Rep. Huttle, Valerie Vainieri [D] YES

  • Rep. Jasey, Mila M. [D] YES

  • Rep. Jimenez, Angelica M. [D] YES

  • Rep. Johnson, Gordon M. [D] YES

  • Rep. Karabinchak, Robert J. [D] YES

  • Rep. Kean, Sean T. [R] NO

  • Rep. Kennedy, James J. [D] YES

  • Rep. Lampitt, Pamela Rosen [D] ABSTAINED

  • Rep. Lopez, Yvonne [D] YES

  • Rep. Marin, Eliana Pintor [D] YES

  • Rep. Mazzeo, Vincent [D] YES

  • Rep. McClellan, Antwan [R] NO

  • Rep. McGuckin, Gregory P. [R] NO

  • Rep. McKeon, John F. [D] YES

  • Rep. Mcknight, Angela V. [D] ABSTAINED

  • Rep. Mejia, Pedro [D] YES

  • Rep. Moen Jr., William "Bill" F. [D] YES

  • Rep. Moriarty, Paul D. [D] YES

  • Rep. Mosquera, Gabriela M. [D] ABSTAINED

  • Rep. Mukherji, Raj [D] YES

  • Rep. Munoz, Nancy F. [R] NO

  • Rep. Murphy, Carol A. [D] YES

  • Rep. Peters, Ryan E. [R] NO

  • Rep. Peterson, Erik [R] NO

  • Rep. Quijano, Annette [D] ABSTAINED

  • Rep. Reynolds-Jackson, Verlina Maher [D] YES

  • Rep. Rooney, Kevin J. [R] NO

  • Rep. Rumpf, Brian E. [R] ABSTAINED

  • Rep. Schaer, Gary S. [D] YES

  • Rep. Scharfenberger, Gerard [R] NO

  • Rep. Simonsen, Erik K. [R] NO

  • Rep. Space, Parker [R] NO

  • Rep. Spearman, William W. [D] YES

  • Rep. Speight, Shanique [D] YES

  • Rep. Stanfield, Jean [R] NO

  • Rep. Stanley, Sterley S. [D] YES

  • Rep. Sumter, Shavonda E. [D] ABSTAINED

  • Rep. Swain, Lisa [D] YES

  • Rep. Taliaferro, Adam J. [D] ABSTAINED

  • Rep. Thomson, Edward H. [R] NO

  • Rep. Timberlake, Britnee N. [D] YES

  • Rep. Tucker, Cleopatra G. [D] YES

  • Rep. Tully, Christopher [D] YES

  • Rep. Verrelli, Anthony S. [D] YES

  • Rep. Webber, Jay [R] NO

  • Rep. Wimberly, Benjie E. [D] ABSTAINED

  • Rep. Wirths, Harold J. [R] NO

  • Rep. Zwicker, Andrew [D] YES


  • Sen. Addiego, Dawn Marie [D] NO

  • Sen. Bateman, Christopher "Kip" S. [R] NO

  • Sen. Beach, James [D] YES

  • Sen. Brown, Chris A. [R] NO

  • Sen. Bucco, Anthony M. [R] NO

  • Sen. Codey, Richard J. [D] YES

  • Sen. Connors, Christopher J. [R] NO

  • Sen. Corrado, Kristin M. [R] NO

  • Sen. Cruz-Perez, Nilsa I. [D] YES

  • Sen. Cryan, Joseph P. [D] YES

  • Sen. Cunningham, Sandra Bolden [D] YES

  • Sen. Diegnan Jr., Patrick J. [D] YES

  • Sen. Doherty, Michael J. [R] NO

  • Sen. Gill, Nia H. [D] ABSTAINED

  • Sen. Gopal, Vin [D] ABSTAINED

  • Sen. Greenstein, Linda R. [D] YES

  • Sen. Holzapfel, James W. [R] NO

  • Sen. Kean Jr., Thomas H. [R] NO

  • Sen. Lagana, Joseph A. [D] YES

  • Sen. Madden Jr., Fred H. [D] YES

  • Sen. O'Scanlon Jr., Declan J. [R] NO

  • Sen. Oroho, Steven V. [R] NO

  • Sen. Pennacchio, Joseph [R] NO

  • Sen. Pou, Nellie [D] YES

  • Sen. Rice, Ronald L. [D] ABSTAINED

  • Sen. Ruiz, M. Teresa [D] YES

  • Sen. Sacco, Nicholas J. [D] YES

  • Sen. Sarlo, Paul A. [D] YES

  • Sen. Schepisi, Holly T. [R] NO

  • Sen. Scutari, Nicholas P. [D] YES

  • Sen. Singer, Robert W. [R] NO

  • Sen. Singleton, Troy [D] YES

  • Sen. Smith, Robert "Bob" [D] YES

  • Sen. Stack, Brian P. [D] YES

  • Sen. Sweeney, Stephen M. [D] YES

  • Sen. Testa Jr., Michael L. [R] NO

  • Sen. Thompson, Samuel D. [R] NO

  • Sen. Turner, Shirley K. [D] YES

  • Sen. Vitale, Joseph F. [D] YES

  • Sen. Weinberg, Loretta [D] YES

I covered the story in a Facebook live before the voting took place. The original video is in the link below.

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