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NJ Freedom Connect is a community portal founded by NJ health freedom activist and parental rights advocate Pamira Bezmen to bring together like-minded families with a specific focus on New Jersey state.

It is a non-profit organization under

Truth & Light Ministries.

We focus our activities on growing, empowering and strengthening our tribe, educating and advocating.

Our projects are inspired by our faith,

fueled by courage, and everything we do is meant to improve the life and health of our children and future generations.

We are driven by truth and light.

We are not beholden to any special interest groups,

narratives, or sponsors.

Our conscience is our compass.


Our mission is to unapologetically and unconditionally defend these principles:


1. Unalienable birth rights are given to all human beings by God, and cannot be taken away by any person, institution, corporation or government.

2. United States Constitution and New Jersey State Constitution are written explicitly to protect the unalienable birth rights of We The People from government overreach, corruption, and evil forces.

3. Bodily autonomy is an unalienable birth right bestowed upon all people equally, without condition or exception.

4. Any law or ideology, even if supported by a corrupt or ignorant majority, that conflicts with unalienable birth rights and the constitution is an unjust law or ideology, and is hence void and null.

5. We The People take our power from God Almighty, as we have every right and duty to protect the sovereignty of our bodies and those of our children that have been entrusted to us as the temple of our souls

and the holy spirit.

6. Sisters and Brothers of all faiths, denominations, religious and deeply held spiritual convictions are created equally and deserve equal protection for their sacred bodies regardless of institutional affiliation.

7. No person, institution, corporation or government has the authority to judge, assess, evaluate, or approve any person's deeply held religious and spiritual beliefs in an effort to remove the person's individual sovereignty over his/her body, and to coerce him/her into giving up his/her bodily autonomy.

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