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We Want Our
SKY Back!

Do you remember the bright blue clear skies of our childhood with puffy clouds? Do you worry about the constant criss-crossing spraying in the skies? You are not alone!

Clean air is our birth right.  A bright, beautiful sun is God's gift to us humans, animals and plants alike -- to heal, thrive, and live an abundant life.

Unfortunately, our air is under attack.  By doings of misguided individuals and sinister agendas, every sunny bright morning is transformed into a series of aerial attacks above our very homes.  The air that our children breathe is constantly being poisoned, our skies mucked up, our sun covered with sheets of chemicals via practices called geo-engineering, weather modification, cloud seeding and the likes.

Upon incessant spraying, eventually our skies turn mucky and dark, as the rain vomits poison into our water sources, forests, and our food supply. 

As far as we are concerned, we are under a terrorist attack!  Surely, our elected officials and defense agencies can and should stop this attack to-day... But they are not doing a thing.  We are determined to change that!  We know there are caring legislators who are eager to make change happen, but they need to see that we care in big numbers!

We The People, have had enough!  We need to be the generation that leaves this earth better than we found it.  So, please help us stand up and fight together.  Together, we can stop all geo-engineering, cloud seeding and related programs above our homes, and above the blessed heads of our babes. 

We have never allowed this trespass in the first place and we will not let it continue!

The state of Tennessee has banned all such activities.  We can do the same in New Jersey and all over the land, if we unite and get to work!

Join us as an AIR DEFENDER and be a hero for our future generations!

it takes less than a minute!

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