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Religious Exemption Webinar Speakers give New Jerseyans hope and courage to defend birth rights


Positive reviews are flying in...

"Thank you so very much for all you've done! It was an amazing zoom call!

My son's religious exemption was accepted at Rutgers University" (Gabriela)

"This zoom was awesome. You really 'hit the ball out of the park' with this one.

I'm downloading the zip file. I'll listen again as I work during the day. I really appreciate the founding documents folder." (Rich)

"Great words of wisdom, thank you!" (Riley)

"It’s such a difficult time for so many of us. It’s important to know how to defend our religious liberties. No one should ever challenge or question these sacred sincere deeply held beliefs. We should not be treated differently or outcasted. Thank you, God Bless everyone that has participated in this. I believe Good and truth in the end will win." (Melissa)

Thank you to all my esteemed speakers and our community for joining us on the Religious Exemption Webinar on Monday evening 6/28/21. It was deeply spiritual, inspirational and educational to learn from our faith leaders Rabbi Yitzchok Dovid Smith, Rabbi Michoel Green, Pastor Philip Rizzo, Father Michael Copenhagen, and Imam Shahid Abdullah, and also uplifting to hear the success stories from college students Cait Corrigan and Brandi Clark. If you have missed the webinar or if you'd like to watch it again and share with your loved ones, you can download the documents directly on the NJ Freedom Connect website. The link includes: - The recording of the original webinar - My Religious Exemption Notes with information, links, contact information and reference documents. It is my sincere hope and prayer that the information shared will help you find the courage, strength, and the right tools to defend your God-given unalienable rights and the sanctity of your blood in the face of tyranny and overreach. Our speakers have participated in this event free of charge. If you find an opportunity to support their good work, please do so. May God bless all of you, your loved ones, and everyone in this fight alongside of us! In solidarity, - Pamira Pamira Bezmen

NJ Health Freedom Advocate NJ Freedom Connect

The Truth Initiative

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